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Sandwich for lunch

Until last year, I had brought a lunch of rice and side dish,so called OBENTO.From this year,I have  brought a sandwich for lunch. This year's my  lunch is two sandwitches, clam chowder, and fruits. The contents of sandwiches are  mustard butter,  herbs chicken, black pepper flavored pastrami , eggs and tuna, etc..  I put plenty of Boston lettuce too. Clam chowder is Powder type of cup soup. Fruits are  banana, apple, strawberry, kiwi, etc..

Until now, I had made rice OBENTO  for my husband's lunch, but  from this year,he had decided to order the workplace lunch. So I  make a lunch of sandwiches for me. But I make  two servings everyday,  one is for may lunch, another is for my husband's breakfast. The sandwich is very good lunch,because it's easy to cook, good balance,and very delicious. I thnk the balance of the meal,Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, vegetables, fruit, dairy products, is so  good. It is also fun to think about the ingredients of the sandwich. I will enjoy  this lunch for a while.