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my impressions

It is harmful to write on twitter, so I write here.

I work for the Japan branch of a raw material manufacturer headquartered in Europe. Recently, Japanese law has changed, and HACCP has become mandatory and the positive list of packaging materials has been enacted. Therefore, a lot of inquiries come from food processing manufacturers in Japan. "Does your company support HACCP?" "Do you follow the positive packaging list?" Each time, I feel disappointed.
The reason is that both HACCP and the positive list have been promoted to global standards by FDA and EU , and Japan has always been behind. It is obvious that all EU companies have already responded and I feel wired and strange that Japanese companies check us about HACCP and positive list.
If you live in Japan, do business with only Japanese companies, and only look at Japanese laws, then something strange can happen.
We want to have more global perspective.
For that reason, We need to study English more.

i opened my store

Hello everybody, this is nishi-yam.
Although we need to wear face masks recently,
but we cannot buy them at stores.
So I decided to make myself and sell them in my garage.

Today was Day1,
and every single passerby was like this
"Wao, they are hand-made masks, aren't they?"
"Look at that! She sells hand-made masks!"
"Great job! How nice!"

BUT nobody bought them.
I could not sell even one.

I opened my garage store from 13 to 16 today.
I will open my store as the same time every weekend in the future,
if i wouled like to.
Please come and see my masks and buy them if you want.

confirming our love



The situation seems to be worse and worse, so I and my husband confirmed each other what we are supposed if one of us would die.
But I am very happy everyday and he too, so there are nothing to regret in our life, and we concluded that it is OK for us to die tommorow.
We live every single day as usual.
Eating super great dishes I cook, taking care of each other inclding our 4 cats, spending what we want to do, I knit, He customizes his bikes, we all love each other in peace.
Stay safe, keep living, let's enjoy our lives forever.
Take care, you too.

Knitting shop in covid-19 situation

I can no longer buy yarns at my favorite German online knitting shop.
To be precise, I actually can order and buy them, but the German mail has stopped accepting international mail to Japan, so they can no longer be shipped. The yarn I order will arrive when German international mail resumes. But nobody knows when it is.


I decide that my budget of knitting is 3% of my income per month, so every month when new month comes, I buy my favorite yarns. When I have visited to the site to buy my April's yarn, it turned out to be like that.

If I don't do shopping, my favorite shop will be crushed, so I would like to order and pay for, even if the yarn doesn't arrive immediately. I want my favorite yarn shop to survive.

The wool season will soon be over, so why don't I order cotton yarn? 

Knitting socks is too fun for me to stop.
I think I'm addicted.
I want to knit a lot and present it to everyone.
But the socks that I knit by myself are so lovely that I don't want to give it to others.
Anyway, let's think about it when I finish knitting all the yarns I have.
Knitting is soooooo good.
It is a kind of meditation.
Knitting calms me down.
When I am knitting yarn, the yarn is knitting me too.








だけど安倍がマスク2枚ずつしか配ってくれないみたいだから、せめて困ってない人はお金をたくさん使うしかない。でも安倍が悪いと言うよりも、安倍を総理大臣に選んだ国民が悪いんだよね。私は自民党なんて生まれてから1回も投票したことないけど、みんな自民党が好きなんでしょ?「マスク2枚を郵便で送ります」って言われてどんな気持ちですか? 私はもう何とも思わないかな。「マスク2枚」で驚かないほどに、前からひどかったジャン。気が付くのが遅いよ、みんな(笑)。